Tswana Homestead
Typical mud homestead, seni-desert area, Ganyesa, Bophuthatswana, South Africa


The Batswana nation can be traced back to 1500, when the Sotho nation extended toward the south and west and isolated into the three particular groups; the South Sotho (Basotho and Sotho), the West Sotho (Tswana), and the North Sotho (Pedi)

Through difiqane period a number of Batswana moved westbound, into the zone that is currently known as Botswana. They were isolated into two primary gatherings: the Tlhaping and Rolong under Chief Morolong (the metal specialist) and the Bafokeng (individuals of the dew). In Botswana, the Tswana States began developing when the Kwena and Hurutshe settlers established the Ngwaketse chiefdom among Khalagari-Rolong in south-eastern Botswana by 1700. In order to survive they depended on cattleā€™s dairy products and generating copper for extra incomes.

In this advanced age, the Batswana people groups are mostly found in Botswana. Another 1.5 million Batswana lives in central and northern parts of South Africa

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